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        We make the planning for your log home as easy and peaceful as living in one!   A lender with a strong background in log homes can make all the difference between a smooth transition and a rocky one:  One-stop financing, nationwide construction and permanent financing, Construction draws to meet your needs.  Free pre-qualification early on will help you better determine your overall budget, as well as the size of home you'll want or need to build.

        If you choose to seek your own financing, you may want to ask if that lender has financed a log home, understanding the differences.  How familiar are the appraisers with log homes?  Will that lender pay the balance of the log package upon delivery?  How generous will they be with construction draws?  How generous will they be with the time for building completion?  Will they allow you to act as owner/contractor? minimum credit score required? loan to value?

        Remember, we're here to help make the planning process a smooth and enjoyable experience.  Let our knowledge and years of experience help guide you.  Call us at 407.323.4173 to learn more about log home financing, and how we may begin to help with your planning.






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