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Log walls have high insulation and significant thermal mass (capacity to store/exchange heat) so it takes less energy to heat, cool, and ventilate a log home –wait until you see your  lower energy bills  from month to month!


Logs take little fossil fuel to manufacture (far less than a conventional light stick frame with gypsum board lining and brick or fiber cement siding).  Logs have lowest energy consumption and the lowest CO2 emissions of any commonly used building material.


Byproducts of the manufacturing process can be burned cleanly to produce energy, continuing the carbon cycle without adding to the total carbon presence in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.  Logs are manufactured by nature using sunshine, so very little energy is required. 

      The independent testing of a Southland Log Home was recently done to support the company’s recent efforts to promote the energy efficiency of its log homes and the green building practices that they represent. The test results confirmed that, when quality building practices are used, Southland Log Homes can exceed ENERGY STAR rating requirements and received a “Five Stars Confirmed Rating” under The Home Energy Rating System.  The test results are consistent with findings in past studies, which have found log homes providing energy cost savings as high as 46% for winter heating and 24% for winter cooling.






Log homes are strong, yet flexible and durable, allowing it to weather extreme storms and ride out strong earthquakes.  Logs have a very high strength-to-weight ratio.  Engineers have tested the strength of log homes and confirmed they can withstand winds in excess of 140 mph.

*Hurricane Andrew, category 5, Homestead, Florida, in 1992 – a Southland Log Home survived*                                  

Logs also protect you in a fire.  They burn at a slow rate, and won’t melt and suddenly collapse as steel can when heated.  Logs can also be sanded and reused after a fire.

Logs are low maintenance and do not dent or mark easily.  They resist staining, soiling and odor buildup[And with Southland Log Homes’ “kiln-dried” and treated logs, you’ll have peace of mind and protection of your investment] 



Log walls will naturally breathe, creating better indoor humidity (improved comfort and health for you).

Logs are the number one healthy building material on the planet.

Logs provide a stable comfortable wall surface temperature.

Logs create an ideal comfort zone by taking the edge off both high and low humidity levels.

Logs are sustainable – it’s the only renewable building resource on the planet – biodegradable.

Trees replanted, producing oxygen while removing and storing more emissions.

 Another fact: Most folks who choose a log home, do so simply because they appreciate the beauty of wood, and the warmth and coziness log home living provides!  

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