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  Protection of your investment, for a worry-free log home!


  Southland Log Homes owns and operates its own kiln, and controls the proper drying of logs (pre-shrunk), so you have dimensionally stable lumber (vs. non-dried, air-dried logs others use that invite shrinkage, settling, twisting of logs)


  Logs are sterilized, sanitized and kills any insect larvae


  The process of kiln-drying your log package kills wood-decaying fungus.


  Reduces moisture (insects could go after any wet lumber, regardless of wood choice)


  Less cost and less time to erect your log package (vs. air-dried and random-length logs)


  Easy-and-quick assembly for the do-it-yourselfer


  No slip joints, no adjustable jacks, no through-bolt rods to periodically tighten, no building additional spaces above doors/windows . . . all the special construction techniques other companies use to address non-dried/air-dried logs when their logs start moving and separating when left to dry out (unprotected, untreated) over time!


  Minimizes and controls checking


  No invitation for leaking homes, water infiltration


  No invitation for air infiltration (and enjoy energy efficiency, with lower monthly energy bills)


  Sap is crystallized (prevents sap bleed)


  Easier cleaning (no separation of logs inviting dirt, dust, spider webs)


  No frequent re-caulking between log courses (due to log movement/shrinkage breaking seal)


  No costly, frequent repairs and major maintenance issues


  Lighter in weight crane not necessary to pick up a log


  Less freight costs (not hauling water)


 And we don't stop there  . . .                 

  Logs are then treated with an environmentally friendly solution at the mill. 

  Borates offer effective protection with less hazard to the environment. 

  Borax and sodium borates are used in laundry detergents, eye drops, fertilizers, insecticides

  Commonly used ingredient in cosmetics, medicines, building materials, yet toxic to insects, decay fungi that could damage wood!

 Other advantages include:

  Odorless, does not vaporize and has no affect on wood's natural color

  Toxic to most wood-destroying insects (carpenter ants, beetles, termites) as well as rot-decaying fungi

  Non-corrosive to nails, screws, or other metal fasteners

  Borates used as fire retardants at high loadings; treated wood is more fire resistant than untreated wood





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